Eating cheese every day may help to protect heart health

Henrietta Brewer
December 7, 2017

New research has found eating a little bit of cheese might help when it comes to the number one leading cause of death - heart disease, as well as the fifth leading cause of death, which is a stroke.

According to Time, the researchers found that people who ate cheese regularly had a 14% lower risk of developing heart disease and were 10% less likely to have a stroke. Those with the lowest risks of these illnesses were those who consumed around 40 grams a day of cheese - a quantity around the size of a book of matches.

Dutch and Chinese researchers teamed up to analyze data from 15 prior studies, tracking over 200,000 participants for at least 10 years.

The director of aortic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center added that the new report is great for cheese lovers, but people should not overindulge on the tasty snack. In 2015, the population of the United States consumed the equivalent of of cheese per person, with Cheddar and mozzarella being the most popular choices.

"If you [eat] too much cheese, of course cheese contains a lot of sodium, not just fat", she said.

This is not the same as eating a big slice of cheesy pizza every day.

Get the latest health and science news, plus: burning questions and expert tips. The statistics are compared to people who never or rarely ate cheese.

But it's also possible that cheese has beneficial qualities that offset the negative impact of its high saturated fat content, says Stewart.

Cheese is undoubtedly one of our favorite foods.

The link between cheese and lowered heart disease risks might be because people who eat cheese every day are already healthier, or have enough income to afford the habit, the researchers point out.

The study also failed to look at various kinds of cheeses, which might have yielded different results as there are certain kinds that include more benefits or risks than the typical cheese. "But on the upside, a bit of cheese on a cracker doesn't sound unreasonable".

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