Consumer Favorability Ratings for Large ISPs Withstand Net Neutrality Heat

Andrew Cummings
December 7, 2017

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 7th, will be a historic day of protests as over 600 grassroots demonstrations will pop up to support Title II Net Neutrality protections, planned at Verizon stores and congressional offices.

Repealing net neutrality, however, would give ISPs the ability to determine not only what information users could see but how quickly they can see it.

Net neutrality has been in and out of the news for the past couple of years, ever since a 2015 vote by the Federal Communications Commission to impose the regulations.

Our only chance of stopping it is to reach out to our representatives and senators and anyone else in power, and convince them to fight against this undemocratic and immoral plan to rob American citizens and businesses of the free and fair internet they love.

If you haven't heard of the concept of net neutrality or need a basic definition of it, here it is: The networks over which we get our information should not discriminate between one bit of data and another. Johnson said. "They're going to have to share that same pipeline, no prioritization, with, for example, people streaming illegal content or pornography?" The FCC is making the argument that current laws prevent companies from growing their networks, said Shasserre, but there will be consequences for consumers if their plan succeeds.

This is not the first time issues related to net neutrality have arisen.

Net Neutrality refers to rules placed in 2015 barring internet providers from speeding up or slowing down traffic to certain websites.

Despite heavy consumer backlash, it appears the FCC may vote to end net neutrality. "On top of that, innovation is stifled too".

Be part of the action and help save the Internet - find a Verizon protest near you.

"I think the answer is to make money", she states. "People might just let this one go because it can't be as big as the next thing Trump's going to do".

In the eyes of Republicans, media conglomerates and telecom giants that aspire to grow even larger, Pai's tenure at the FCC has been liberating.

"Sign the and email your congressman or woman", said Shasserre.

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