Bigg Boss Cancels The Captaincy Task, No Captain Next Week

Henrietta Brewer
December 16, 2017

Hina starts crying and quietly walks out of the activity area and comes to the house. Hina locks herself in the bathroom and cries. He will state that Arshi is not capable enough to retain her captaincy. She tells him that he has to forget everything after watching. Vikas and Arshi tried to lighten the mood of Shilpa and she came out.

Indeed a heartbreaking one for Hina Khan.

It's Vikas' team to watch the footage. Vikas lashes out at Priyank and Luv after finding out what they have said behind his back in the CP Plus task. And the time when Hina mocked Vikas. A video had emerged some time ago where Hina was in conversation with Arshi and Vikas Gupta. Luv tells him that he doesn't remember.

Hina got to see what other housemates talked about her behind her back. Hina says that she doesn't even know who is right and who is wrong.

With the successful completion of the Bigg Boss 11 luxury budget task titled BB Lab, a new captain was supposed to be appointed in the house today, replacing the current captain Arshi Khan. Interestingly, Arshi and Shilpa will be seen fighting with other for the captaincy task.

Well according to us than Shilpa should become the captain this week. Arshi and Shilpa fight for the captaincy candidature.

Arshi also thinks that Vikas shouldn't be the contender. Vikas gest annoyed by Arshi and says that he will vote for Shilpa this time. His preference would be Shilpa and himself, post which he gets into an intense argument with Arshi.

Shilpa asks her to pick one between her and Puneesh and she tells Vikas that she will pick herself. Hina says that according to Vikas, Priyank has said bad things about Benafsha Soonawalla.

Vikas warned Priyanka to stop misconduct and stop talking about her family or making fun of her parents.

When Bigg Boss asked Arshi about their decision, Arshi said that they haven't reached a decision. It is exactly like how it is with Shilpa and Vikas. Priyank asks her to go away and not to trust him if she doesn't value his words.

After this, the winning team was asked to give two contestants' names who would compete for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 11 is gaining all the eyeballs with the constantly changing faces of the residents of the house. Big Boss also suggests that Arshi can nominate her two companions who can reach CCTV footage. Shilpa is surprised and says that people love to create a fight here. He also says that Shilpa is not mean but immature in comparison to others.

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