Bigg Boss 11: Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal proposes to Hina Khan, watch

Carla Harmon
December 8, 2017

Popular reality show Bigg Boss 11 will witness a bundle of emotions when the family members of the housemates will enter the show and meet them. He goes up to each and everyone contestants and tells them something. The actress has an emotional breakdown after meeting Rocky and clings to him, as soon as Bigg Boss says release. All this while, tears roll down Shilpa's cheeks and she hugs her mother tight upon release. She complained to Priyank that he seems to be a completelydifferent person in the house. He tells Vikas that he is the real boss of the house, calls Akash Puneesh's real friend.

In tonight's episode Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal will enter the house.

As the daily chores go on, the next one to enter the house is Arshi Khan's father.

Twitterati demand Bigg Boss 11 host Salman Khan to take a class of Arshi Khan for disrespecting Shilpa Shinde's mother. He also asked Arshi to change her hairstyle and respect Salman Khan. Apologising to Shilpa, he told her that she is going strong and that she should handle the kitchen again.

Why Twitter loves Arshi's father? She tells everyone that they have called her daughter "maa" and she is happy about it, but do not insult her when they have called her their mother. All the housemates tell Arshi that she'd got the wrong impression, but she says that she will never forgive Shilpa.

Over the past few weeks, Divya had been vocal about her thoughts on Priyank's behaviour on the show.

Not only did Divya tell Priyank that he doesn't need a group to survive, but she also told him that he has no other friend in the house other than Vikas Gupta. On the second day of the captaincy task, Hina Khan got miffed with Hiten Tejwani for supporting Vikas Gupta. But what Divya Agarwal said to Priyank during her visit was the highlight of the show. While all other visitors gave a feedback to all inmates and also wished them good luck, Divya Agarwal made some shocking statements while speaking to Priyank. She then adds that she has parted ways with him.

Luv said that if Priyank wasn't guilty, he should have spoken and asked Divya what she was talking about. Divya is asked to leave the house while the contestants are still in statue position. Luv is pissed that Divya thinks they (Luv and Hina) were not his true friends, and that Vikas was Priyank's only true friend.

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