Astronauts make delicious looking pizza in zero gravity

Astronauts make delicious looking pizza in zero gravity

Cheryl Sanders
December 5, 2017

This pizza party was star-studded.

The result? Pizza in space.

According to Paolo Nespoli, an Italian explorer who is now at the International Space Station as the member of Expedition 53, the topic of pizzas was casually brought up with their chief while a live public event.

So ISS manager Kirk Shireman, chose to surprise his crew with the ingredients to make one of the world's most beloved food.

"When you really, really miss CASUALLY mention it to the International Space Station Boss during a live public event".

Knowing full well that earthlings would be highly curious to see what space pizza looks like, Paolo's fellow Expedition 53 crew member, Randy Bresnik‏, uploaded a video to YouTube over the weekend giving us the lowdown.

By Nespoli's account, the final pies were "delicious", but admittedly, these pizzas were the kind that probably only a desperate astronaut could love. The ingredients delivered from Earth to space included flatbread, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, olive oil, anchovy paste and pesto.

It shows astronauts playfully using the lack of gravity to spin the pizza on their fingers and pass them in front of the camera.

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