Amazon's Alexa can now wake you up with music instead of alarms

Yolanda Curtis
December 12, 2017

The BBC will also launch brand new voice experiences exclusively for smart speakers through the service. As it usually happens with the products and services available in multiple markets, the price of the Amazon Music Unlimited plans and the Echo smart speaker depend on the market.

It brings together all of the BBC's radio stations - 40 local, 10 national, 6 nation (ie Wales, Ulster) and the World Service as well as all of its myriad of podcasts.

Through a single voice service, the BBC can provide easy access to all of its live radio and on-demand podcast content across the BBC.

In addition to streaming weekly new releases, subscribers can also enjoy unlimited, ad-free streaming of thousands of personalised stations and playlists designed for a wide range of artists, genres, moods, occasions and activities. While Alexa is now the only assistant to have the new voice service, the BBC has confirmed that it will be coming to other assistants and smart speakers in the future. Just ask Alexa to wake you up at a certain time to a song or radio station of your choice, and you'll be grooving into your day. User can also "Play", "Pause" and "Resume" everything they're listening to.

The BBC has announced that it has launched its first Amazon Alexa skill for Echo devices.

Since first launching in the United States in October of 2016, Amazon Music Unlimited has expanded to the UK, Germany, Austria, Japan and more, transforming music streaming with the ability to just ask Alexa to play music by voice and creating the most natural listening environment for millions of subscribers.

"Smart speakers are an exciting new way of interacting with audio content". Both Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant have BBC News briefings, and the aforementioned interactive drama from BBC R&D.

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