You'll Be Able to Swim with the Dolphins in Upcoming Aquatic Update

You'll Be Able to Swim with the Dolphins in Upcoming Aquatic Update

Yolanda Curtis
November 20, 2017

In less positive news, the Super Duper Graphics Pack, which will significantly improve the visual experience has been delayed until 2018.

Thanks to MineCon Earth 2017, fans of Minecraft have been given a glimpse at what developer Mojang has in store for the hugely popular game. The Minecraft team is actively supporting this new version of the game as the main priority, rolling out updates simultaneously across the different platforms that it supports.

Switch fans will get the new version of Minecraft that will bring cross-platform multiplayer.

Mojang unveiled The Update Aquatic, which will breathe new life into the oceans of "Minecraft".

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of MineCon Earth this year was the announcement of a brand new update to the game. That will all change next Spring with the arrival of the Update Aquatic, which adds shipwrecks, dolphins, and coral reefs. Puffer fish, others species of fish, and underwater plants will all be present, but one of the most notable additions to the watery lineup are the dolphins that will assist you when it comes to collecting treasure from the ocean. No specific dates in 2018 that we can expect, but Microsoft will probably share those details at a later date. The ray, which will be the first flying monster added to Minecraft, will spawn in groups at high altitudes, and will apparently be attracted to players who haven't slept in many days. The new version of the game, meanwhile, will enable cross-platform play for Nintendo Switch owners, expanding the capability beyond the Xbox One and Windows 10, though not including the PlayStation 4. Both updates were supposed to be released this year, but now "Minecraft" is saying that they will be coming in 2018.

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