Woman asks 'manspreader' to close his legs, he allegedly punches her

Andrew Cummings
November 19, 2017

"I've raped white b--s like you, f--ing c-t!" the man yelled, according to Saia. "You ain't nothing, you f-- b--!"

That's when Saia said he turned violent.

A stranger, courageous fellow Brooklyn commuter Victor Conde, leapt from his seat across the train and grabbed the attacker by the wrist, ordering him off the train at the next stop. Following the incident, Saia reportedly published a Facebook post to explain how she put in her earbuds and attempted to ignore the man as he went on an unintelligible tirade.

'Manspreading' commuter punched woman in the face after she asked him for space

"If I don't have to, I don't want to face him again", she said. She posted a photo of her bloodied lip on Facebook.

'He proceeded to press me against the wall and manspread excessively, ' she told her Twitter followers, after detailing how the stranger had sat beside her on the tram.

"Stupid me, I should have got up at that point", she told the Daily News. The Brooklyn man got off the train at the next stop. Conde explained how he made a decision to step in after witnessing the man punching Saia and seeing nobody come to her aid. He grabbed ahold of the man and ordered him to get off the train.

Once the altercation was over, Saia's tribulations were not: she had to jump through several hurdles just to file a police report about the incident. The Daily News reported it is also investigating whether any officers violated department rules in allegedly resisting her request to make a report.

And that's how the video from the witness got to Saia.

The New York Police Department is now reviewing video of the incident, according to a spokesperson.

"She said, 'You hit me!' And then I heard a loud bang to my left", Macca said.

The head of the 17th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Nicole Papamichael, personally apologized, Saia said. Crushing it, NYC. I sure feel safe... A fellow subway rider, Anthony Macca, saw her post and shared his video of the incident.

That's when a man ran to the woman's defense and started grappling with the suspect. "The man grabbed the other guy [and] I started recording".

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