Wizards Unite in AR Game

Pablo Tucker
November 10, 2017

The only thing we can hope is somehow Niantic works with J.K. Rowling on this app, and sets up a sorting hat situation to determine your "teams" via houses, rather than just choosing what team you're on, like in 'Pokemon Go'. Like Pokemon GO, it's pretty safe to assume that Wizards Unite will have a strong community aspect to it. Harry Poter: Wizards Unit will be published by Niantic, and is probably coming some time next year. That project has turned out to be real. The company has confirmed it's making a game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and, like Pokemon Go and its other title Ingress, it will be an AR experience with similar gameplay elements. Interactive Entertainment and the development team of WB Games San Francisco for the project. Players will explore neighborhoods and cities, learning and casting spells, finding magical artifacts, and encounter beasts and characters from the Harry Potter universe. The description falls in line with the information from last year's rumors that players will visit wizardry schools scattered around the world, while completing quests to learn spells that can be used in magical combat against players in rival factions. Whatever the mechanics of the game, with the Harry Potter franchise extremely large fanbase, it's safe to say there will be a lot of interest in this game.

Sounds too wonderful for HP fans to even fathom!

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