Venus and Jupiter will appear together in the sky

Pablo Tucker
November 12, 2017

Jupiter and Venus will be visible to the naked eye close together in the sky before dawn on Monday.

Conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter are far from rare events - taking place at mean intervals of 13 months.

Jupiter and Venus will pass within 17 arc minuites or 0.28 degress of each other. It will be a spectacular event as the two bright objects are seen floating close to each other.

Viewers in NY will see the Jupiter rise first at 5.26am, with Venus coming at 5.31am, according to

If you miss it, the next conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be on January 22, 2019, according to In the Sky. Look out to the east, focusing just above the horizon and you might be able to see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

The distance between the two planets is approximately 416 million kilometers but for this time it will appear like they are orbitting the Sun side by side. In reality, Venus will be 246 million kilometers from Earth, while Jupiter is almost 594 million miles away from us.

The moon shines along with Venus, glowing in the centre of the image is Venus and, to its right, Jupiter.

Stargazers in the Ireland will get over an hour of viewing time before light from the sun hides the planets and a clear horizon, preferably on top of a hill or balcony is being reccomended as an ideal spot to watch the passing.

Though telescope users are strictly warned to be careful with the binoculars and telescope as the sun will be rising from the same side and if caught in telescope it can cause serious damage to the eyes because of no proper use of a sun filter.

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