Turkey pulls out of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation exercise after Erdoğan put on 'enemies' list

Cheryl Sanders
November 17, 2017

Following Erdoğan's remarks, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation said that two separate incidents occurred with regard to Erdoğan and Atatürk.

On Friday, the Turkish leader slammed an "incident" during North Atlantic Treaty Organisation drills in Norway, in which Erdogan himself and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the modern Turkish state, were depicted in an "enemy chart".

According to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation website, Norway is now hosting a Trident Javelin 17 military exercise, as well as Polaris-17 and Gram-17 drills, aimed at improving Norway's military ability "to execute high-intensity national and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation operations within Norwegian territory." .

"They told me that they are withdrawing our 40 soldiers from there [Norway]", Erdoğan said.

"There can be no such unity, no such alliance", he said in an address to his ruling party's provincial leaders. "And I said "absolutely, don't hesitate, take them out right now" Erdogan said.

"It's not possible to have this kind of alliance", he added.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States of granting financial aid to members of the Islamic State group, a State Department-listed terrorist organization.

Under Erdogan, Turkey's relations with NATO's leadership and the European Union have frayed in recent years.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has apologised to Turkey after the country's leaders were allegedly depicted as "enemies" in a joint military exercise.

Western allies have been particularly troubled by a deal for Ankara to purchase an S-400 air defence system from Russian Federation.

He called on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to punish those responsible for the incident.

NATO's website lists two military exercises that are now ongoing in Norway. It will be for the Norwegian authorities to decide on any disciplinary action.

"Turkey is a valued NATO Ally, which makes important contributions to Allied security".

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