Three-Carrier Strike Force Conducts Exercise in Western Pacific

Ross Houston
November 14, 2017

Assigned Strike force Units will conduct series of operations in worldwide waters to practice the US Naval force's unique ability to operate different carrier strike groups as a fully coordinated military team.

Three US naval aircraft carriers are making a beeline to the same destination to partake in an unusual military drill not seen for nearly a decade.

The carriers are required to meet up in the Sea of Japan during the week off the Korean Peninsula, according to a USA defense official.

South Korea and the United States on Saturday kicked off a joint naval exercise in the Sea of Japan involving three USA aircraft carriers amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The exercise involves air defense drills, sea surveillance, replenishment at sea, defensive air combat training, and close-in coordinated maneuvers among others.

Recently, the US Naval force aircraft carriers have organized three "double strike group" operations in the Western Pacific which took place in the East China Sea, South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea.

According to a government source, there was also an attempt to have South Korea join the exercise with the rare convergence of three U.S. Navy carriers in the Sea of Japan, but an agreement on timing could not be reached to allow it to participate in a trilateral training exercise.

He added, "This exercise in the Western Pacific is a strong testament to the U.S".

"U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Groups routinely deploy to the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean", according to a Navy statement.

The report cited a Hong Kong military expert as saying that the exercise clearly appears to be in response to the South Korea-U.S. joint drill which is mobilizing three U.S. carriers.

"North Korean news outlets described the carriers" presence as a provocation, and officials in Pyongyang told CNN that they are concerned that Trump intends to start a conflict.

Pyongyang charged that America and its allies are trying to "escalate the military tension and increase arms race in the region with each passing day", CNN wrote.

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