Stove Top selling comical, super stretchy 'Thanksgiving Dinner Pants'

Andrew Cummings
November 15, 2017

And there was a time, a lot later in life than I should probably admit, that I would make Stove Top just because.

The company promises the pants' large stretch waistband will allow people to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in style, People magazine reported. Or, in the case of a new Stove Top marketing gimmick, my trousers.

With their over-the-belly waistband, these "stuffin-stretch" trousers allow you to stuff yourself with all the turkey and sides your heart desires (well, maybe not your heart), without feeling the pain of buttons and bands digging into your post-celebratory belly.

Stove Top's Thanksgiving Dinner Pants are maroon and, similar to pregnancy slacks, they feature an over-the-belly waistband - covered in mouth-watering stuffing.

An image of the stuffing is placed high and fits right over your belly.

They cost $20 and Stove Top is donating $10,000 proceeds to feeding America.

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