Spirits make you feel 'aggressive and sexy'

Carla Harmon
November 22, 2017

A study by Bangor University which examined different emotional responses to alcohol, has found that wine relaxes you, vodka and whisky can make you more aggressive and beer boosts your confidence.

"This global study suggests even today consuming spirits is more likely to result in feelings of aggression than other drinks". But on the down side, they were also more strongly associated with feeling aggressive, ill, restless, and tearful.

According to the researchers, drinks with a higher concentration of alcohol will give a feel of aggression to the consumer.

The study, was led by experts at Bangor University and King's College London, found red wine was likely to make people feel sexy and relaxed - but also exhausted and tearful. The GDS, which is provided in 11 languages, includes specific questions on alcohol consumption and the feelings associated with drinking beer, spirits and red or white wine when at home or when out. Almost a third (30 per cent) of spirit drinkers associated the drink with feelings of aggression compared with around 2.5 per cent of red wine drinkers.

But Professor Bellis said the way people drink it is partly responsible for the different emotional responses. "The UK chief medical officers' guideline for both men and women states that in order to keep health risks from alcohol to a low level it is safest not to be drinking more than 14 units a week on a regular basis".

"Understanding emotions associated with alcohol consumption is imperative to addressing alcohol misuse, providing insight into what emotions influence drink choice between different groups in the population", said Prof Bellis.

The study found that 42% of people said they felt sexy after drinking spirits, while just 25% of red wine, 24% of white wine and only 19% of beer drinkers felt the same way.

Another consideration is that a person's expectations about the feelings they will have when drinking may play a part in what they experience-but this can also present a health risk.

The study also revealed men and women have a different emotional relationship with certain drinks.

Interestingly, the feeling of aggression only arises in the minds of males.

Interestingly, respondents who drank excessively were five times more likely than casual drinkers to say they felt invigorated by alcohol. Health professionals have often focused on links between alcohol and cancer, liver disease, and cardiovascular disease. Factors including where alcohol is consumed were considered as important factors.

Our findings suggest that people who are heavier drinkers more commonly report energy and confidence from drinking, but the negative emotions increase in this group as well. We hope that the results can help understand and prevent unsafe spirals where some people see drinking as the solution to emotional problems that it is actually aggravating.

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