Shark hits surfer on NSW Central Coast

Cheryl Sanders
November 14, 2017

Fry, who has worked at the nearby Gosford Hospital for the past two months, said he had recently watched a video on YouTube in which Australian professional surfer Mick Fanning told of punching a great white shark to escape an attack unscathed during a surfing competition in South Africa in 2015.

There have been 16 shark encounters and attacks off the island continent's vast coastline this year, including the death of a 17-year-old girl mauled in full view of her parents in Western Australia.

Mr Fry said he punched the shark while in the water before climbing back on his board and surfing to shore.

"I just punched it with my left hand and shouted out to my mates and paddled so hard back to shore".

Fry added: "If you are watching or listening, Mick, I owe you a beer. Thank you very much".

"I saw its jaw and teeth coming at me", Mr Fry told the Daily Telegraph.

Fry said the shark bit his arm and shoulder after he missed a wave.

"I got this massive thud on my right-hand side - it completely blindsided me".

"I didn't feel the teeth going in, it felt like I was smacked, it felt like a hand, a hand grabbing me, shaking me", Fry said.

He sustained scratches and puncture wounds, and was driven to hospital by his two friends who were both doctors as well.

"I didn't really notice it at the time, because when you're surfing, all I was thinking was "I'm about to die", and I was just. thinking about getting in [to shore] as fast as possible". The beach was closed for 24 hours. Police said the animal was about 2m (6.5ft) long.

"North Avoca and Avoca beaches are now closed following a shark attack", the council said.

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