Razer Phone offers ultimate gaming experience

Yolanda Curtis
November 24, 2017

Regardless, the Razer Phone is lauded as it is the company's first and arguably successful launch in the smartphone market. It is powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, and 4,000mAh battery.

But among its weak points are the cameras. Although the Razer phone's camera hardware looks promising on the paper, the software does not do justice.

The first device from Razer's mobile division, it boasts the world's first 120 Hz UltraMotion display that has the fastest refresh rates and smoothest graphics among today's smartphones. The word comes straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, via a post made on Facebook by Razer CEO Min-Lian Tang. In our review, we didnt find that the Razers camera did as well as it could have, and most of the shortcomings that we found were software related. Starting with the app itself – Razer will push an update via the Play Store “in the near term” that will improve the performance of the camera app. After that, the firm intends to push further updates created to improve shutter speed, low-light performance, and overall optimisation.

Moreover, the upcoming software update will also bring some new features to the camera app. We have yet to experience its power but we are also interested in its camera performance.

Future improvements to the camera include an instazoom button on the camera app, 4x slow-motion recording, plus updates to speed, 60 fps video, and a portrait mode. More of these updates will be released regularly and progressively to make our camera even better. The most important ones will go in tandem with the Android Oreo update early next year.

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