Players seek mediation with NFL; Colin Kaepernick would attend

Cheryl Sanders
November 8, 2017

According to a report from ESPN correspondent Jim Trotter, NFL executive VP of football operations Troy Vincent texted free agent Colin Kaepernick and invited him to meet one-on-one with commissioner Roger Goodell. "Colin's proposal was rejected".

Notes Yahoo Sports: "The back and forth between Kaepernick's camp and the NFL has provided a window into the frustration that is developing between the league and players in recent weeks". "The question of, 'Has (Colin) been invited in?' - the answer is yes".

The day showed just how fraught the two sides' ongoing dealings are against a backdrop of Kaepernick's labor grievance, accusing NFL owners of collusion, and players' social-issue concerns and the league's response to them. "This is part of the overall discussion we've been having on some of these social issues".

In a lawsuit filed last month, Kaepernick accused team owners of colluding to keep him unemployed due to his widely-covered national anthem protest launched to shed light on police brutality and racial injustice.

The players, league, and owners had informal meetings that did not come with any type of resolution, which was the inspiration for submitting a request for formal mediation.

Kaepernick's actions launched similar protests by hundreds of players who began standing against the country, the flag, and our first responders during the anthem, protests that have now plagued the league since last season. His kneeling led to a movement that has spread throughout the league while also being vilified by others, including President Donald Trump.

Such a session has been requested and would include former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

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