Oscar says he would fight McGregor

Ross Houston
November 14, 2017

But even by the promotion's standards, it would have been extraordinary if Conor McGregor escaped any punishment for his antics at a Bellator event in Dublin on Friday last.

As soon as I heard, he's done. Referee Marc Goddard is seen yelling at McGregor, before he turned to check on Redmond, who was on the ground. It's unforgivable. Never come back, ever.

In a surprise appearance, he hopped in to congratulate his teammate after Charlie Ward beat John Redmond with a controversial KO. That's when I lost it. Fuck yous all.

People continue to debate and discuss Conor McGregor's actions at Bellator 187 this past Friday, and according to his head coach, the star was "a little bit over emotional" at the event... Yes.

He told Helwani that the UFC have pulled McGregor from a UFC card slated for December 30th, for which the Irishman had apparently been included on up to now.

Many fans were disgusted by the infraction, accusing McGregor of giving a bad name to the sport and disrespecting the fighters.

"I had some executives from the UFC contact me within two hours after what had occurred, and they basically said to me that it is completely unacceptable in their eyes and that they will be doing something", Mazzulli said. Recently Mazzulli confirmed that they have informed members of the Association of Boxing Commissioners and the UFC, about McGregor's actions. "No, [the fight would have to be] in the ring", De La Hoya said. McGregor was not a licensed participant for the event as a cornerman, entered the cage and put his hands on an official.

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