Natalie Portman opens up about her own sexual harassment incidents

Carla Harmon
November 22, 2017

Natalie Portman has been in the movie industry for a long time, and she has revealed that she has also experienced plenty of sexual harassment along with it.

Portman, who was born in Jerusalem and began acting professionally when she was 13 years old, said that in her younger years, she shied away from roles that were overtly sexual, saying that she did not want to be seen as "a Lolita". The actress was asked about the multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations coming forward in Hollywood, During a conversation at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles.

"I went from thinking I don't have a story to thinking, 'Oh wait, I have 100 stories, '" she said. 'I've had discrimination or harassment on almost everything I've worked on, ' the 36-year-old added. After which she shared her own story of the same issue. "And I think a lot of people are having these reckonings with themselves, of things that we just took for granted as like, this is part of the process", Portman said during a candid talk at Vulture Festival here.

After communicating her discomfort at the dynamic, Natalie explained that the incident did not escalate, but certainly had an effect on her confidence.

But it quickly dawned on her that while she'd "definitely never been assaulted" she had experienced "harassment on nearly everything" she'd ever worked on. "I said, "This doesn't make me comfortable" and that was respected, but was super not OK".

Portman said that, although the producer in her story relented when she said she was uncomfortable, it was still unacceptable for him to put her in that situation, and that it made her scared for her safety. "And I showed up, and it was just the two of us and then one bed was made on the plane". If you do get the opportunity to work, you're often the only woman in the room. "It's very rare to have female crew members apart from hair, makeup, and wardrobe - the very stereotypical departments for women to be in - and I think women experience this in a lot of industries", she said. All these accusations are like, 'Oh yeah, everyone was isolated from each other, ' people didn't share. The money will be used for grants to organizations involved in promoting women's educational opportunities, economic advancement, health and safety, and full participation in policy formulation and political activity. The more she reexamined them, she said, the more she realized that some of the experiences she dismissed were things that Hollywood needed to reckon with.

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