Mozilla Launches Firefox Quantum for Mac, Twice as Fast and More Customizable

Pablo Tucker
November 15, 2017

Firefox is an open source browser, and more than 700 people around the world contributed to the Quantum update. The result: a significant speed increase. Firefox Quantum scored 151 on JetStream compared with 144 for Google Chrome.

Quantum is also designed for heavy browsing with multiple tabs or windows.

Firefox Quantum has a smooth UI with the alternative to tweak the toolbar. The browser has also been modified to prioritise the tab you are working on over all other open tabs. Quantum performance Firefox 57 is the first public release to include "Project Quantum". The company claims its newest browser is over twice as fast as the version from 6 months ago thanks to both a new, multi-core CSS engine, tab prioritization and the elimination of bugs that were weighing the software down.

When Mozilla announced the Yahoo deal in 2014, it said that this was a five-year deal.

In spite of going up against Google in the program space, Firefox resorts to utilizing Google as the default internet searcher in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Mozilla's return to Google as the default in the USA and Canada - the same markets Yahoo had sewed up with its 2014 pact - implied that it had walked away from the latter search engine. According to those news reports, Mozilla would still be due money, perhaps more than $1 billion although the amount was unclear, for the remaining two years of the contract. The tab a user is on gets prioritized over the rest of the tabs, which the company says consequently makes better use of one's system resources.

Business users will be able to share screenshots directly from Firefox, instead of having to save and then locate an image file before sharing. If you're not now using the browser, Firefox Quantum is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android via a free download. All versions of Firefox now have a 9.1 percent market share, below IE + Edge and Safari. Naturally, if you want to still use Yahoo, you can choose to do so, as it is one of the many alternate search engine options available on the browser.

Private perusing mode for Firefox Quantum looks similarly on a par with customary perusing.

"In a year from now, it will be the same all over again", Gold said, referring to Firefox's minor player status.

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