Mookie Betts Rolled A Perfect Game

Ross Houston
November 14, 2017

But during the offseason, he has time to do what he really enjoys: At the World Series of Bowling, Mookie Betts bowled a flawless game.

Betts' ideal game on Sunday came in Betts' 37th game this week.

Ten flawless games! Is Mookie Betts's name on bowling alleys across the country? As he mentioned in his postgame interview (on the YouTube video above), his scores during the weekend hadn't been near that flawless game level, and he finished 158th out of 188 bowlers - just outside of his goal. Although he won't make the cut for the PBA World Championship, he made a discernible improvement on his 2015 debut, in which his average score was 190. So attaining perfection in bowling may be easier than in baseball but it's still hard. At least we all know what Betts will be doing when he retires from running around the baseball diamond.

In the tournament, Betts placed 144th and averaged a 203 over 10 games.

"This is definitely the most important one", he said.

Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts is a two-sport superstar. This past season he batted.264, with 24 home runs, 102 RBIs with an OPS of.083 during 153 games, despite having several nagging injuries during the season, that included a wrist problem late during September. He finished second at the 2017 event while being paired with professional bowler Tommy Jones.

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