Justice League will reveal the 'true' Superman

Carla Harmon
November 15, 2017

"Justice League" will premiere on November 17. And Wonder Woman, a more evolved and experienced heroine in the wake of her movie, "understands the pressure and the stakes" of the invading force, Gadot says.

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher recently revealed a certain easter egg during a discussion with DC All Access, harkening back to the Batman and Superman fight film.

Justice League is going to be a thrilling event for sure and there are many things that need to be done right so that both comic fans and general audiences can equally enjoy and embrace this film.

"[Snyder]'s like, 'I had Aquaman save him, so that they did cross paths at one point.' So when Bruce goes, 'Have you heard of [Superman]?' I'm like, I have".

In interviews, Roven and cast members pledged their loyalty to Snyder and his vision for the franchise, one they say incorporated a changing tone before Whedon's involvement.

Join guest host and third alternate Space Ghost, Hector Navarro, as he runs down the early word on Justice League's critical reception.

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"Geoff and I have been delving into the history of the character to get to the core of who Superman is", Cavill said.

As DC's team of superheroes prepares to reign justice down upon theaters, word came a few days ago that Ben Affleck's future as Batman in the DC extended universe was uncertain. We feel the loss of that character in this movie because he's not present anymore.

"One of the most handsome things you can do is help to bring another artist's work to fruition at a time when, for one reason or another, they cannot", he says. Filming was done at the height of terrorism threat from Islamic State and other militant jihadists around the world and perceived East-West return to Cold War hostilities, with Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin pitched as global villain.

Fisher says the two directors had very different styles, "but at the end of the day, we all want the same thing, which is just to tell the best story we possibly can". "I love the character, I love everything the character stands for", Cavill said.

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