Jeff Bezos Worth Over $100B After Amazon's Black Friday Rally

Carla Harmon
November 25, 2017

The founder's fortune rose $2.4 billion to $100.3 billion on Friday, as the online retailer's shares jumped 2.6 percent on optimism for Black Friday sales. I mean, who the hell wants to get into a real world tug-of-war match with someone to get $10 off a gift for a nephew you couldn't give a fuck about?

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is now worth $100 billion, further securing his title of the world's richest man.

Bezos passed the 12-digit milestone Friday thanks to a rise in Amazon stock.

Bezos' fortune now sits at $100.3 billion, up $2.4 billion following a 2 percent increase in Amazon's shares.

As holiday shopping dies down over the next few weeks, Bezos' fortune could fluctuate to below the $100 billion mark. Amazon shares have climbed 5 percent this week alone.

Amazon gained 2.6% Friday to $1,186 a share, pushing his total fortune to over $100 billion, based on data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Bloomberg also adds that Gates would be worth nearly $150 billion by now, except that he gave away $2.9 billion of cash/assets to charity, in addition to 700 million Microsoft shares.

It's hard to compare the net worth of today's billionaires with tycoons of the past or of heads of state presumed to have shadowy but enormous fortunes.

Either way, kind of doubt Bezos cares about that.

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