IOS 11.2 Is Bringing Faster Wireless Charging

Pablo Tucker
November 14, 2017

It looks like there is a problem with Google's YouTube app on Apple's iOS 11.

Apple had promised that faster charging via wireless pads would arrive in time, but gave no roadmap for when it might actually be added.

The new, higher speed of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X doesn't quite put them as high as the competition from Samsung (which can reach 15W through a supported charger) but it may turn out that in practice they'll charge equally fast. A device that doesn't support 7.5W wireless charging only got the iPhone X's battery up to 60% during the same timeframe.

Not every wireless charging pad supports the faster 7.5-watt charging rate, meaning you might need to shell out for a new model if you want to take advantage of faster speeds. Apple has been coy about the wireless charging tech inside its devices.

In addition, there's also the factor that wireless charging usually requires you to place your phone on a charging pad, making it impossible to use and charge at the same time (unless you want to hover over your phone like a weirdo). However, it should be noted Apple's wireless iPhones still do not support the same wireless charging speeds as other Qi-based smartphones.

Calling the release of the iOS 11 a bumpy ride is an understatement as the first update immediately introduced numerous issues on both the system and its core apps.

Reuters/Beck DiefenbachApple launched the new iOS 11.1.1 update.

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