California NAACP seeks to remove 'Star-Spangled Banner' as national anthem

Henrietta Brewer
November 9, 2017

The California NAACP says the "Star Spangled Banner" should be replaced as the National Anthem because it's racist.

Now-unemployed substandard football player Colin Kaepernick launched his pre-game protests kneeling during the anthem, to draw attention to alleged racial injustice, but then attention shifted to the national anthem and the American flag, Huffman asserted.

"I have no plans in calling for the removal of it", he said.

"We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick", Huffman said.

"It's racist", she said.

Comments that contain spam, advertising, vulgarity, threats of violence, racism, anti-Semitism, or personal or abusive attacks on other users may be removed and result in a ban. "It doesn't represent our community".

Davis, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, explained, "Intellectually, if people continue to pursue this nation to become perfected, then I see nothing wrong with that".

Huffman is referring to the third stanza, which includes the lyric "no refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave".

Some interpretations of the lyrics conclude that they celebrate the deaths of black American slaves who joined British troops during the War of 1812 to gain their freedom.

"I believe it is a slap across the face", said Sydney Lugo.

Huffman said it may not solve anything, but it's a step toward social justice that she said is long overdue.

The California NAACP is seeking a representative to sponsor the legislation in Congress.

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