Burglars dig 30 feet tunnel and looted bank in Mumbai

Andrew Cummings
November 14, 2017

Navi Mumbai: Juhinagar branch of Bank of Baroda in Navi Mumbai was on the target of bank robbers, who performed their activities on the lines of a British Hollywood film, "The Bank Job'".

Summary: Around 30 lockers in the Juinagar branch of Bank of Baroda were broken into over the weekend by robbers who dug a tunnel to the bank from an adjoining shop. Their modus operandi - digging a tunnel through an adjacent shop, much like in Shawshank Redemption where the protagonist stages a prison-break by digging a tunnel.

The police told the BBC that cash and jewellery were stolen but the value of the haul is yet to be determined.

"The culprits made a tunnel from the adjacent gaala [shop] and entered the locker room".

The burglars broke into 30 of the 225 lockers. In 2014, a similar incident occurred, where the perpetrators dug a tunnel leading to the locker room of Punjab National Bank's Sonepat branch, and robbed valuables worth crores from 89 lockers. Of 237 lockers, 30 lockers were found open. "We have got clues about the accused and our teams are working on them", Assistant police inspector (Turbhe division) Mr. Kiran Patil said. Other reports said the valuables stolen were worth a lot more.

The bank, incidentally, had not installed CCTV cameras in the locker room to protect the customer's privacy.

Anxious customers gathered outside the bank on Monday morning.

The tenant has been missing ever since the incident came to light, police said, adding that in such cases, people give out fake names and identity proofs.

According to Hemant Nagrale, Commissioner of Police, Navi Mumbai, "We have registered an offence in Sanpada police station under Section 454, 457 and 380 of the Indian Penal Code.".

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