Bigg Boss 11

Cheryl Sanders
November 22, 2017

But, the question that comes up is that if Hina was in Arshi's place, would she have taken these accusations on her simply as a part of a task? Sapna, overhearing part of this conversation, lost her cool and made a decision to teach Puneesh a lesson. The media reports suggest that Bandgi was miffed with beau Puneesh for talking to Hina. Not one to accept it, she will rage a war against Puneesh.

In the meanwhile, Hina Khan tells Priyank Sharma that Puneesh Sharma has said many wrong things about Sapna Chaudhary. Arshi and Hiten were asked to act as a married couple who are headed for a divorce and the housemates act as their advocates. Priyank will reportedly slut-shame Arshi due to which she'll get mad and will get into an ugly fight with him. Who's the judge, Sapna Choudhary? Both teams must strategise as to how best they can "win" the case. While she commented on his sexual preferences and continued to say fithy things about him. Puneesh and Vikas are Arshi's brothers and Vikas will also be her lawyer. She accuses Arshi of flirting with Hiten's brother. Shilpa has been given the role of Arshi and Vikas's mother in the task.

This obviously irked Arshi and she kicked off a heated argument in the house. Matters reached a head when everyone jumped into the fray and accused each other of bad behaviour. But Priyank has previously shown to have sexist view toward Arshi during their fights, he was ready to spit on her. After listening to Vikas's side, the judges are convinced that Arshi in innocent and after hearing to Hina's side of the story, they have an inclination towards Hiten as well. His comments were taken very seriously by the audience, and he was slammed for being a hypocrite because he's always showing off his body in a provocative manner, so that people will praise him.

But Arshi is unmoved, later challenging Hina for gossiping about the other contestants with her team mates late into the nights.

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