Ben Affleck wants a 'cool way' to leave the DC universe

Henrietta Brewer
November 15, 2017

If that sounds odd in theory then it gets even odder in practice; watching the pilot the week of Justice League's premiere blockbuster adaptation - more than 20 years after the pilot was first scheduled to air on television - it's still rather breathtaking to see how close we came to a completely different type of superhero genre. As GoldenLasso points out, Justice League's later production means they specifically scrapped the Wonder Woman designs in favor of their own vision. However, as the characters return in Zac Snyder's Justice League, out on Friday, the new costumes prominently reveal the actors's stomachs and chests. Let that sink in.

The film was announced in October 2014 with Snyder on board to direct and Terrio attached to write the script.

"The goal is to make sure when you're watching the movie, it all feels cohesive". Shazam! star Zachary Levi walked the carpet and joked around with photographers, while Asher Angel, the young actor set to play Billy Batson in the film, was also there to join his new DC family. Perhaps that's why the show actually has the most to say during its interstitial interview sequences. Instead it's the outfits of the Amazons of Themyscira. Memes are making the rounds on social media speculating that the barbarian outfits are from thousands of years ago, or that it is another tribe of Amazons. "It felt a little more glamorous, if anything, because we had bigger, lovely hair, which I loved", she said. An evolution of style would be appropriate but the Amazons would not plan to go into battle with their vital organs exposed. "I like to think they were into Batman a little, but my girls [were] definitely into Wonder Woman".

To be clear, I have absolutely zero issues with showcasing the raw strength of these women's bodies. My problem is a wise civilization that was created by the gods to protect the world thinking that soft leather is armor. No, I thought he was great.

Much of the Internet's frustration stems from the idea that the costumes sported by the Amazons in Wonder Woman-painstakingly researched and created to be battle-ready and practical, highlighting their strong bodies without making them the entire focus of the ensemble-have been "updated" by a male director and a male costume designer.

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