An argentine submarine missing since 48 hours

Cheryl Sanders
November 17, 2017

It has been two days since the submarine provided its last location and navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said it may be suffering from a communications error.

The navy said the San Juan's last known position was in the San Jorge Gulf.

From 2007 to 2014, the submarine underwent repairs to extend its use for 30 more years, which included fix of the 960 elements of its batteries, where officials say a failure could have originated. Officials didn't refer to it as an emergency, but a "communication failure".

"The submarine knows that if it does not have communication with land for this long, it has to surface", Balbi said. The families of all crew members are being updated regularly, according to the military press release. The navy has launched a widespread search mission to locate the submarine that was last seen in southern Argentina.

Admiral Gabriel Gonzalez, chief of the Mar del Plata base that was the submarine's destination, said the sub had sufficient food and oxygen.

The navy said it had not had contact with the submarine, the San Juan, for 48 hours.

In total there are 44 people on board, according to the BBC.

"There is no indication anything bad happened to the submarine, it just ceased communications", Balbi said, as reported by El Pais.

The ARA San Juan is one of Argentina's three submarines and has four, 16-cylinder, 1,200 Kw diesel engines.

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