YumEarth Organic Candy Corn Brings About Smiles for Halloween

Andrew Cummings
October 20, 2017

But more surprising is that somehow Candy Corn topped the list for six states.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twix or maybe Kit Kat? Alarmingly, the states of Michigan, New Mexico, Alabama, Rhode Island and SC are all also apparently candy corn fans.

So now you know that Chicago is the best for trick-or-treating-here's a look at the worst candy to pass out.

The Gem State loves their candy corn.

Washington, I'm also judging you. Skittles ranks second with just under 136,000 pounds sold.

Four other states join IL in ranking Sour Patch Kids as the top candy, including Maine, Nebraska, Massachusetts and NY.

A handful of treats are only the most popular in one state - 3 Musketeers (Mississippi), Almond Joy (Connecticut), Dubble Bubble (Montana - seriously?), Hershey Kisses (Nevada), Lemonheads (Louisiana), Life Savers (Delaware), Swedish Fish (Georgia), and Twins (just Alaska, which seems low to me).

And while SC stands by its love of candy corn (wonder if they know about that new pizza at Chuck E. Cheese?), New Yorkers remain obsessed with, of all things, Sour Patch Kids. At least three states stay with the classic choice of Reese's. Take the hit, get rid of the candy corn, and get a superior candy for the kids this year.

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