Why is the sun red, the sky yellow in London?

Andrew Cummings
October 18, 2017

A flaming orange sky in Powys, WalesWhy did the sky turn yellow?

While many Britons saw the glowing red sun from storm Ophelia, those in Ireland experienced the destructive nature of the storm.

There's a misty reddish look to the sky, while the sun has also turned a red colour.

The fine particles - which pose a deadly risk to asthma sufferers - scatter light of blue wavelengths more than red, giving a dusky appearance to the sky.

A trail of destruction is left as storm Ophelia battles it's way through Britain. According to the Met Office, the air was safe as the particles were high up in the atmosphere.

The former hurricane's powerful winds pulled air and dust up from southern Europe and Africa - with the spectacular sight prompting "lots of calls" to the Met Office.

"This yellowish hue is from the dust that is high up in the atmosphere and the blue element of the sunlight is scattered by the dust, but the red element gets through, so the sun appears redder and you get this sort of yellowish tinge". Skies cast an eerie yellow glow across the United Kingdom while the Sun shone a vivid orange, comparable to sunset or sunrise, but instead glowing throughout the day.

"This will depend on whether the fires are still burning and if the winds are blowing in this direction - but there is a chance we could see a bit of a red tinge to the sun tomorrow". Instead, it's directly related to Hurricane Ophelia, which is whipping through the region.

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