Watch this little girl's reaction to news her adoption is final

Henrietta Brewer
October 11, 2017

KUTV reported that on October 2, Tannah Butterfield, a sixth-grader at American Heritage School in South Jordan, Utah, was informed that a judge approved her foster parents' petition to adopt her and her two younger siblings.

Foster mother Jennifer Fisher called Jackie as soon as the courts approved their application, asking her to let Tannah know when she visited her office. One of the people who saw that video is Tannah's mom, who said it helped her know she and her husband were doing the right thing when they made a decision to adopt Tannah and her two younger siblings.

Year Six student Tannah Butterfield was given the happiest news of her life at school last Monday, and her reaction said it all.

Our security cameras caught the moment perfectly. Alexander said, "I grabbed her shoulders and said, 'Have you heard the news baby?" She wrote "I cry as I type this".

Tannah hopes when people watch her video, they will remember that if you wish for something long enough, it may just come true.

She told KSL she wanted to share the video of Tannah to show that there's still positivity in the world.

"She just kept holding me tight, she kept holding me tighter and tighter", Ms Alexander added. "My heart was so happy".

"In 12 years at this job, this is by far my best moment ever!" "I just kissed her up one side and down the other side".

To tell a young lady that she gets her family always takes the cake.

The sixth grader jumped into Alexander's arms and gave her the biggest hug. "It was like, 'ah, ' it was like screaming", Tannah said.

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