Watch out! Lice may be lurking in your child's Halloween costume

Carla Harmon
October 11, 2017

Alvina Kweh experts there will be some germs on Halloween costumes, and teaches her kids how to prevent spreading them.

Wondering what you're going to dress as this Halloween?

Watch out for head lice in masks and costumes, pediatric nurse practitioner Cherie Sexton told Toledo, Ohio, station WTOL-TV.

Ah, Halloween. A time to trade the very real horrors of the world for infinitely more fun fake horrors, like a ghoulish pumpkin display or head lice waiting in store-bought costumes!

With more people going into stores and trying on masks and wigs, make sure you're not accidentally exposing yourself or your family to the nasty bugs. "And a lot of people don't give much thought to the fact that several people could've tried it on before them".

Another suggestion is to toss the costume in your dryer for 45 minutes, the heat will also kill lice. "Even if it has the brand new tags on it from the store it was from, we still recommend you wash it anyway, just because you never really know where the garment has been before it's come to us".

Experts add that wearing a swim cap to cover your hair will create another barrier between you and any potential lice.

However, if you do end up having lice in your costumes and it has got your scalp itching there is a way to get rid them.

In extreme cases, some prescription treatments may be needed to eradicate the lice from your child.

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