Vulnerable Democratic Senators Want More Details on GOP Tax Plan

Vulnerable Democratic Senators Want More Details on GOP Tax Plan

Cheryl Sanders
October 20, 2017

Democrats have largely objected to the Republican tax plan so far, arguing that - contrary to what the President says - it's too beneficial to the wealthy compared to the middle class.

And Republicans have a narrow path to clearing a tax plan if they can't win over a Democratic senator.

But, with strong support from Republican leaders in the House and Senate, Casey said he doesn't believe the resulting bill will be much different than the current proposal.

Brown says Trump told senators, "I couldn't imagine being a Democrat and running in 2018 having voted against" the GOP tax legislation.

It was a reference to Trump's refusal to release his tax returns, as past presidents and presidential candidates have done.

Ivanka Trump has advocated for increasing the tax credit that parents can get for each child, but the details remain a work in progress.

His daughter, Ivanka, hosted senators for dinner as the White House tries to build support for Trump's proposed tax reform.

Another source briefed on the meeting confirmed Trump made the comment and said there was "nervous laughter" in the room. "So it's really tax cuts and reform, but I focus on tax cuts because it's such an important weapon to get our country really moving".

Saying that the plan to cut corporate taxes would result in the lowest rates for small businesses in 80 years, the president said to laughter, "It makes me want to immediately go back into business".

The Senator's second concern is the proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Sen.

But Cornyn appeared skeptical that a separate working group was needed, signaling it would be redundant with the role of the Finance Committee, which is taking the lead on tax reform in the Senate.

Additionally, Trump delivered a speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation on Tuesday in which he said it would be hard to get Democratic votes for a tax bill "because they're obstructionists".

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