Ultra Sun and Moon Will Be the Last Pokémon Games on 3DS

Yolanda Curtis
October 21, 2017

Even back in 2013 with Pokemon X and Y's release, Ohmori and Game Freak were trying their best to get the most out of the then-two-year-old hardware.

Game Freak has decided that it's wise to treat Ultra Sun and Moon as an absolute culmination of the Pokemon series as a whole, as the new instalment is set to push the handheld to its absolute limits.

With Nintendo's shift from 3DS to Switch development, fans hope that the next Pokemon generations are as marvelous as they sound. The graphic evolution in the Pokemon series have been moving towards virtual reality and this is enough for us to expect a VR makeover for Sun & Moon. I'm looking forward to see what Game Freak can do with the Switch.

But during a time when the Wii U dramatically failed to live up to the Wii's 100 million home console performance, the 3DS's fortunes kept Nintendo buoyant.

Game director Kazumasa Iwao elaborated on "Ultra Sun and Moon", explaining that the development team was around half the size of that for the previous pair of games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon were hugely successful in the United Kingdom, selling 1.5m units in their first week. Whenever the question about putting the Pokemon games on console came up, Game Freak would always respond with how ideal the handheld systems work with the core RPG series.

So what have the rest of the studio been working on?

There have been some rumors around according to which there could be a third version of Pokemon Sun and Moon to appear on Nintendo Switch.

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