Twitter's Introducing a Private Bookmarking Feature in the Near Future

Yolanda Curtis
October 10, 2017

Trending as #SaveForLater, a dedicated option to save tweets and return to them would be coming soon. During its recent Hack Week, Twitter Product Manager Jessica Shah shared some interesting news that could be a pretty decent time-saver.

It was a long due feature and it is unusual that Twitter took it this long to implement. Twitter is going to introduce a new bookmarking feature to save tweets for latter reading.

The prototype on the mobile site features an overflow icon which pops up with an "Add to Bookmarks" button alongside the "Share via DM" option.

While a bookmarking feature would be nice to have, it's probably a niche addition that mostly affects Twitter's power users. Right now, people bookmark Tweets by liking, DM-ing to themselves, or Retweeting.

This new feature, born out of Hack Week, should provide an alternative that maintains a user's privacy and will make saving articles easier. Been a top request. This feature will let users create a separate list of tweets that they can refer back to.

At the moment Twitter is experimenting with the feature, it's in initial stages and the social media app is looking for the response from the people as they show the designs and research on the feature. The team will be monitoring the #SaveForLater hashtag.

- While most tweets are a quick read, a lot of people still want a way to save those worthy of a more in-depth inspection. However, Shah points out that the prototype may "likely" change before release.

As noted by TechCrunch, Twitter users who want to follow the progress of the feature should follow Shah's account.

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