Things You May Not Know About Teen Driver Safety

Cheryl Sanders
October 17, 2017

This number counts teenagers who are drivers or passengers who die in a crash in which a teen is driving. Research indicates this is not long enough.

It's going to take a collaborative effort to save the lives of teen drivers and their passengers. The site demonstrates that, though teen drivers face many dangers on the road, parent involvement can significantly reduce these crash risks. Nearly 100,000 teen passengers or drivers were injured in motor vehicle collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Still, however, traffic crashes remain the leading cause of death for people age 15 to 20, according to the Illinois Secretary of State.

Although distracted driving is unsafe for anyone, regardless of age, Nasworthy says it appears to be a bigger problem for teens.

The AAA teen driving website offers tools for parents and teens for the learning-to-drive process, and the online AAA StartSmart program also has resources to help parents become effective in-vehicle coaches and advice on how to manage their teen's overall driving privilege.

Teens preparing for the responsibility of driving should enroll in a driver education program that teaches how to avoid driver distraction and other safety skills.

"What we want teens to do is to make sure they're not getting involved in unnecessary conversations, not pulling the driver's attention away from the road to look at something else, or text or answer a phone", Nasworthy says. AAA also offers membership discounts for new teen drivers to help keep them safe on the road in case of an emergency.

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