Pizza Hut Parka keeps you as warm as a pizza

Andrew Cummings
October 12, 2017

"This is just another way that Pizza Hut is making it easier for pizza fans to get a better pizza".

"By implementing the unique power of our Thinsulate Insulation, which is warmer than nearly every comparable material on the market, we're able to help Pizza Hut achieve their goal to deliver customers a hotter pizza than ever before", said Mindy Murray, Brand Communications Manager, 3M.

The limited edition Pizza Parka is tied in with the launch of their new thermal-equipped delivery system, which incidentally shares the same materials as the jacket. The delivery system is being updated as well and, using an algorithm, can account for things such as weather, construction, traffic, and other irregularities in the delivery pattern.

The inside of the toasty pouch, which works with a re-engineered box and crisp-sheet, is guaranteed to be 15 degrees hotter than traditional pizza pouches, the release said.

Ever wonder what your pizza feels like when it's waiting to be delivered to your door?

As part of a new marketing campaign, the company has started pushing cheeky ads for a limited-edition parka boasting the same "advanced, triple-layered insulation" used in the company's delivery bags.

CHEESE, TOMATO AND DOUGH outfit Pizza Hut has a new delivery solution for its drivers that can keep pizza warmer for longer and a very thick parka coat. Said Allen. Anyone who orders online between now and the end of the month, will automatically be entered to win a Pizza Parka.

A Pizza Hut spokesman says more than anything else, consumers want a hot pizza.

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