Paris wants to phase out diesel cars by 2024

Henrietta Brewer
October 13, 2017

In an attempt to battle the high levels of pollution in the French capital, the mayor's office had already announced a ban on diesel cars by 2024.

The noise of vehicle engines enveloping the streets of the French capital might in the future become a memory for Paris pedestrians.

Paris City Hall, already under attack over the establishment of no-car zones, car-free days and fines for drivers who enter the city in cars that are more than 20 years old, said it was not using the word "ban" but rather introducing a feasible deadline by which combustion-engine cars would be phased out. Najdovski stated that aim of this project was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Paris. Currently, diesel cars account for about 40 percent of total new auto sales in France and the local automakers are among the best on the diesel market.

On the heels of France and the United Kingdom announcing plans to phase out sales of combustion-engined cars by 2040, the state of California is mulling a similar move much earlier than the 2040 target date, .

Hidalgo has already implemented a number of measures to reduce air pollution from cars.

Banning combustion engines is the latest of several steps authorities have taken to combat smog. Large cities are now viewed by those engaged in climate policy as far more effective government entities than federal governments when it comes to testing and enforcing pollution regulations.

In addition, Macron's government will discontinue long-standing tax incentives for diesel cars from next year.

Many other cities in the world are considering similar moves and China, the world's biggest polluter after the United States, recently announced that it would soon be seeking to get rid of combustion-engine cars too. The mayors of Paris, .

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