Paid permission to look for sick dog in Italy

Cheryl Sanders
October 14, 2017

In the court's final ruling, the judge agreed with the lawyers' case that her university should dole out sick pay for her time away from work while caring for her pet.

The woman, who was only identified as Anna, asked for two days' leave because the ill animal needed constant medical supervision before it could be taken into surgery.

Her lawyers used Italy's strict animal protection laws which say it is a crime to leave an animal to "grave suffering", La Pressa reports.

The woman, who lives on her own, had unsuccessfully requested two paid days off at first, the animal protection organization LAV said.

La Sapienza University confirmed the woman is an employee but declined to comment further.

LAV president Gianluca Felicetti says in a statement that anyone who obtains a veterinarian's certificate should enjoy the same benefit, citing Cucciola's case as precedent. He was closely monitoring case of Academy of Anti-Vivisection League, an association against experiments on Italian live animal subjects, one of Europe's largest animal rights groups.

The LAV spokeswoman said Anna's dog had survived the surgery and was now doing well.

The woman said Cucciola is recovering well from her operation.

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