Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins Leak; Event Launches Today

Pablo Tucker
October 11, 2017

The event sees the return of Junkenstein's Revenge and a brand new endless mode.

Ahead of the launch of today's Halloween Terror event in Overwatch, Blizzard appears to have revealed its working on ANOTHER Overwatch game.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is live.

Blizzard has unleashed the "Overwatch" Halloween Terror 2017 event, which will run until November 2.

If you missed Junkenstein's accompanying achievements last year, players have been able to earn at least Survived the Night and Four They Were during this year's event.

The return of the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl marks the first recycled seasonal event - but since we only got a month to play it a year ago, it's hard to complain.

As we've mentioned, Blizzard re-introduced the Summer Games event earlier this year and based on that event we should have a decent understanding of how they might handle the reintroduction of the Halloween Terror event skins. As we remember from a year ago the Junkenstein PvE mode was set in the area before the castle's gate so the changes made now must mean something.

The new leaks, which come courtesy of reddit user Mnemosynaut, give us a glimpse at Mei, Zenyetta, and Symmetra. The Overwatch Halloween Terror runs for the next three weeks. New skins, like Symmetra's Dragon skin, remain at typical 3x event prices - 3000 credits for a new legendary skin.

You can see the awesome number of skins available at that link, including a Cthulhu-like Cultist look for Zenyatta, a Dr. Junkenstein costume for Junkrat, and so much more. You'll receive a loot box for playing and completing every 12 waves, so go nuts. Per usual, players will also have the option to collect or buy last year's Halloween Terror skins.

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