Nintendo Releases Overview Trailer For 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Yolanda Curtis
October 11, 2017

The 2017 Nintendo World Championships hosted by Nintendo in NY concluded on Saturday. The first is Assist Mode, which points players who want an easier time in the direction of where they need to go.

There's a lot more the trailer covers - including Super Mario Odyssey's two-player mode - but we won't spoil it all here.

The principle of the game is that Bowser has kidnapped Peach and plans to marry her against her will. Bowser's a creepy bugger.

In a very subtle manner on the official Super Mario website, Nintendo notes that "All outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo", reassuring fans everywhere that Nintendo hasn't gone full insane on us. The previous Nintendo World Championships in 2015 were held during E3, which naturally lent itself better to surprise game announcements.

With the release date for Super Mario Odyssey fast approaching, Nintendo has announced that players can use game use all available amiibo to unlock costumes for Mario.

From what we know already, Mario will finally be leaving the Mushroom Kingdom to venture off into new areas.

The video also touches upon Snapshot Mode which is used to take screenshots.

The new trailer shows Mario in action in some of the game's colourful new environments, utilising the skills of his dominantly possessive capturing hat, apparently named "Cappy".

There's a quick look at co-op though, starting at the 3:16 mark where we can spot a face-off with a Broodal taking place.

The marketing for this game has been stellar so far, but I worry that they are showing a little too much. That's because in just a few short weeks, Nintendo Switch owners will have a brand-new Mario adventure to play through when Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27, 2017!

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