Nintendo Just Registered A New Game Boy Trademark In Japan

Pablo Tucker
October 11, 2017

Gizmodo Japan is one of many Japanese sites wondering if this means a Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy is coming and pointed out (via US Gamer) that this past summer, Nintendo Europe also filed for a Nintendo 64 trademark.

A Gameboy Classic Edition is a slam dunk.

Nintendo has recently found tremendous success through the re-release of classic consoles in a new format. However, a recent tweet by a Japanese licensing and trademark bot has set off rumours that Nintendo is exploring possibilities of either bringing back the GameBoy or revitalising it for a new generation of players.

Though a Game Boy mini would undoubtedly be minute, it'd go someway to beating the Game Boy Micro, a beautifully-sleek 5cm long redesign of the Game Boy Advance, released in 2005. While North American, European, and Australian retailers received the Super NES Classic Edition in late September, the Mini Super Famicom didn't launch until October 5.

It covers a variety of use cases including "home video game console" programs as well as "programs for smartphones", "smartphone cases", and "smartphone covers".

Nintendo's nostalgia-fuelled Super NES Classic has been out for less than two weeks, but it's already been hacked to add more games and custom backgrounds. Given how popular the Game Boy was, it seems reasonable to think there be demand for a modern remake pre-loaded with original games. Furthermore, not all games may work properly, especially since it was not officially released by Nintendo.

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