New Emojis Coming in iOS 11.1 Update

Pablo Tucker
October 10, 2017

Those enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program will be pleased to learn that they can now download iOS 11 Public Beta 2 right away.

Some conspire that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhone performance with every new iPhone release, a tactic known as "planned obsolescence", in order to encourage iPhone owners with older devices to upgrade to a new device. But while some readers have updated and continued viewing the paper, several readers report that they did not get the new version automatically pushed out to them. New apps developed for the latest models might not run as smoothly on older devices. Users could also go back to the previous week to check the past featured apps of the new section. What many failed to notice these past weeks though is the absence of the Free App of the Week section in the App Store.

Just in time for Halloween, you'll also get mythical beings-like genies, zombies, mermaids, elves and fairies. This is a fantastic feature that could come in really handy during a time of need. More faces, of course, including star-struck, a literal head exploding face and an emoji that raises one eyebrow.

With iOS 11, Apple has added a Spotlight tab. Apple said that the new iTunes focuses on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks.

If you remember, Unicode 10 brought over 56 new emojis. This remains, but it does leave us wondering about the objective of the new addition. A Wi-Fi connection is preferred than mobile data connection to avoid exhausting data and being charged. It can also automatically respond to texts, to let the sender know you're now driving. The beta will help Apple shorten the list. This means we should start seeing more apps that let you superimpose virtual objects on the image being captured by your phone's camera.

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