Microsoft Edge Preview Comes to Android

Yolanda Curtis
October 13, 2017

I'm traveling today-I guess I really missed driving between Boston and Pennsylvania, so I'm doing it again for kicks-but I did download Microsoft Edge Preview on Android at a rest area in CT.

Last week we told you about Microsoft's announcement and their plans to make their Microsoft Edge browser available on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Recall that the iOS version of the browser was released only a couple of days ago with a promise to launch the Android browser.

If you use the same Microsoft Account in the Microsoft Edge app on Android that you use with Windows 10 then you will be able to push content to those devices.

They found being on a locked down OS did not confer any additional protection against phishing. The Microsoft Edge preview for Android is now live, but getting it is a little more complicated than simply going to the Google Play Store and performing a search for the browser. You can also send a page you're viewing on mobile to your PC by tapping a persistent Continue on PC button that appears within the app's navigation bar. You should only download the browser if you are comfortable with a few bugs and crashes. Cool as this tool is, only users with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can enjoy or access it. The preview was available on iOS later that day, but not on Android. We'll link to the app down below if you want to play with it.

If you had signed up to be notified about Microsoft Edge's availability on Android, you may have received an email from the company.

As can be seen from the graphic above, this meant students were more protected on a Windows 10 S machine than a Chromebook, with both devices, due to their nature, already offering robust protection against other forms of malware. Microsoft has noted that some features still need to be added, but my short time with the Android app has been pretty smooth so far. With just a quick swipe-to-the-right, Microsoft Launcher offers a tailored feed of your important events, top news, recent activities, favorite people and most frequently used apps.

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