Man In Pikachu Costume Jumps White House Fence

Pablo Tucker
October 22, 2017

After all, this isn't the first time a Pikachu fan has landed in trouble for hopping a fence at the White House. An arrest affidavit says Combs was dressed as Pikachu and told authorities he wanted to become famous and had planned to post a video of it on YouTube. He ignored multiple commands to stop climbing.

However, it seems that the Pikachu cosplayer still had some fight left in him as he pleaded not guilty, prompting the authorities to proceed with a court trial set on November 9.

Police investigated a backpack he dropped along the way and didn't find anything suspicious, and Combs was unarmed.

A U.S. man who authorities say tried to scale a White House fence while dressed as the Pokemon character Pikachu planned to film his act in an attempt to attain fame, according to an arrest affidavit filed in court. He told investigators he could not complete a video recording because of the officers' "quick response" according to court documents. Combs, charged with one count of misdemeanour unlawful entry, could not be reached for comment.

Combs reportedly told police he had researched others who had attempted or successfully gotten onto White House grounds and knew the type of criminal sentences they received.

36-year-old Curtis Combs jumped the fence between the South Lawn and the Ellipse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue around 9:35 am Tuesday morning. He was apprehend by the Secret Service.

It's not clear if Combs was inspired by the previous Pokémon incident. Combs was also a YouTuber and wanted to film his daring breakthrough in the White House in order to gain fame.

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