Is Razer launching its own phone?

Is Razer launching its own phone?

Yolanda Curtis
October 12, 2017

The Razer phone will also be significant considering that there aren't any gaming-oriented smartphone in the market right now. The image on the site shows a man, holding what seems like a smartphone enjoying content on the go - which we suspect will be focused on gaming and entertainment. But no one knows about technical details of device.

Hard to imagine that Razer launches in the field of portable consoles. Then, a tweet made by Tim Moss, the head of Razer's mobile division, saw Moss and Tan standing together. Except if in the console it includes smartphones: these, more powerful, can now be used to play. However, something that we havent associated Razer with just yes is smartphones.

While nothing has been confirmed or set in stone, there is a good possibility that gaming accessory and laptop maker could announce its first smartphone. The device, therefore, cannot be a simple portable console.

Razer SVP Tom Moss had also earlier last week tweeted a photo of him with CEO Tan Min Liang, with what looks suspiciously like a phone peeking out of Tan's pocket. In view of teasing the official October 11, 2017, this photo was everything but innocent.

There is no info as to what hardware specs the upcoming smartphone will be seen sporting, but given the company's gaming lineage, it is nearly a certainty the phone too will be carrying the same DNA.

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