Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut With These Gear And Armor Rewards

Yolanda Curtis
October 10, 2017

The Iron Banner Crucible Event is now live on Destiny 2, bringing with it an array of exclusive equipment and rewards players can earn by proving their worth in the legendary arena.

It will be interesting to see how different, if at all, Distant Shore is from Shores of Time, as Destiny 1's maps were built for six-vs-six gameplay, and Destiny 2's Crucible has been built from the ground up for four-vs-four. The Iron Banner will only be available to players that have completed the campaign... so pretty much everyone, I mean, if you haven't completed it by this point, do you even Destiny bro??

Destiny 2 Iron Banner - How do I play?

You may need to visit Shaxx at The Tower to pick this up. There also appears to be the new Emperor's Respite Control map, which takes place near Leviathan on a Prison Barge, not too far away from where the Leviathan Raid takes place. After speaking to Lord Saladin, you'll unlock an Iron Banner quest, which provides access to the Iron Banner playlist. While Iron Banner is sure to add a little variety to the experience, an upcoming feature called Seasons sounds like it might be a more promising direction for the MMO-inspired shooter.

We've tried our hand at the Iron Banner, and we can firmly recommend using voice chat if possible.

Bungie is also including Daily and Seasonal Milestones for players to complete, along with new sets of armor and weapons.

The event begins today October 10 at 2 am PST and will come to a close on October 17 at 2 am PST.

Thankfully though, the lacklustre Iron Banner will still go live today. Destiny 2 Nightfalls are hard timer based strikes. You earn tokens simply by participating in matches, and you can turn those into Lord Saladin in exchange for Iron Banner packages (as you would with the other vendors in the game). The new system is now streamlined, with Iron Banner Engram now serving as rewards for a player's achievements throughout the contest.

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