Iran FM briefs parliament on Trump's threat to nuclear deal

Cheryl Sanders
October 12, 2017

US President Donald Trump has always been sending message that Iran and P5 1 countries ( United States, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany) will cancel nuclear treaty signed in 2015, and United Kingdom repeats every chance that it depends on agreement.

The agency quotes Zarif as saying that if the United States acts against the deal, Iran will offer a "tougher response".

Engel said at the hearing that killing the deal would be a "grave mistake", since it is in place and backed by USA allies and other powers.

Trump is expected to decline this week to certify Iran's compliance in the 2015 agreement, referring it to Congress.

In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May urged the United States on Wednesday to extend the nuclear deal, saying it is "vitally important for regional security".

On or hand, Foreign ministry also reported that Johnson had a phone call yesterday with us and Iranian counterparts, and shared his country's views on nuclear treaty.

The Republican chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs committee said on Wednesday the global nuclear deal with Iran should be strictly enforced by Washington working with its allies, but did not call for an end to the agreement.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has reportedly been briefing key lawmakers on the administration's plans over decertifying the nuclear agreement.

The agreement, under which Iran agreed to freeze its nuclear programme for 15 years in exchange for sanctions relief, is viewed in Europe as a rare triumph of global diplomacy in the Middle East. "It is these security implications that we continue to encourage the consider".

On Tuesday, Salehi warned Washington against undermining the 2015 deal, saying worldwide nonproliferation efforts as well as Washington's global standing would suffer as a result.

Officials familiar with the internal deliberations as well as informed sources outside the administration say they expect Trump to tell lawmakers that the Iran deal is not in the USA national security interest despite Iran's technical compliance.

Every 90 days the president has to notify Congress as to whether he believes Iran is complying with the accord and if the lifting of sanctions is in the interest of the American people.

"We will see what happens pretty soon", said Trump, who must announce his decision on whether to certify Iran's compliance by the end of the week.

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