'I miss wearing make-up' David Letterman returns to late-night

Henrietta Brewer
October 20, 2017

"For the goal of this conversation, I have nothing but the highest regard for all of the talk show men and women", David Letterman told Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night.

"Like two or three days later, I realize, 'Oh, no. Things have gone terribly wrong", Letterman said, "because I get this warm, lovely letter back from Conan saying, 'My wife loves the horse and she's going to keep the horse because she's an equestrian.' Now I'm screwed because I was counting on him returning the horse and I'd get my money back".

But Letterman had a bone to pick with another of their late-night brethren: Conan O'Brien. Kimmel spoke during his monologue about what an honor it was to have Letterman on the show.

He said he ultimately forgot the incident until O'Brien's Late Show appearance the other day. "I miss wearing makeup".

Letterman said his ultimate takeaway is that "no good deed goes unpunished". "David Letterman is to me what Beyonce is to everyone else", he said.

In some cases, that means giving his niece a set of four, individually wrapped tires for her wedding or sending Kimmel all of Letterman's old ties upon retirement, or, as in the case of O'Brien, sending a horse.

"Paul, you didn't tell me you work here now", Letterman yelled over to Shaffer upon sitting down at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. "I think I'm the blockage in the plumbing". Letterman was his usual rascally self, at turns self-deprecating ("I'll tell you something, you're looking at a man who is laughing on the outside, crying on the inside"), lacerating ("I have nothing but the highest regard for all the talk show men and women, even Jimmy Fallon") and philosophical about how he's changed in the two years since he left Late Show. Certainly, The Late Show wouldn't have become this politically focused resistance that Colbert has turned it into.

Letterman dodged questions about his upcoming Netflix show, admitting only that Howard Stern would be a guest on one episode.

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